This is How Travel Brands Are Using the Latest New Tech


This is How Travel Brands Are Using the Latest New Tech

As pointers evidence the market is getting tougher and customers place a higher importance on experiences slightly than products, where there’s a demand for travel.

In addition to strong economic variables and confident consumers with additional disposable incomes, consumer expectations play a major role in this summer’s record-breaking travel season,” said Noreen Henry, CEO of Way Blazer, a B2B travel technology company.

As technology improvements continue at a constant speed, it can be difficult for hotels to move with modern developments. However, the new technologies tend to deliver easiness to the hotel managers, therefore, it is important to move along with the technology and traveler’s trends.



Internet of Things (IoT)

Serviced by technology and the tremendous power of the Internet of Things (IoT), customer expectations are rising. In an industry where the customer’s expectation is the main goal to achieve, moving along with the latest technology can be the right means for overcoming this challenge.

We live in a world with the Internet of Things (IoT); a digital world where the Web, mobile, and the physical world meet, and people access information about everything from anywhere at any time on a small device.


Adoption of New Tech

Hoteliers are working hard to understand how to use this technology for improving the standards of their hotels. One thing which every hotel has almost change is the check-in process because it is one of the first interactions between the hotel and the guest.

“As brands within the travel space begin to adopt new technology, consumers are becoming much more likely to book trips. Consumers want convenience and personalization, and brands are meeting these demands through innovation,” said Henry.



Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence has become more reliable due to its advancement in the business world. Many of the hotels and resorts have already implemented this great technology into their business ventures to enhance their customer’s experience by providing them exceptional services.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is much wider and for the hospitality sector, it shows a promise of transforming its processes, services, and facilities through AI-powered robotics. AI has entered the traditional hospitality landscape with a promise to enhance hotel reputation, drive revenue and take customer experience to the next level.

“With the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and digital marketing, however, technology has finally evolved to solve these problems, and travel brands are now interested in leveraging this technology to enhance the overall travel customer journey,” said Henry. “Way Blazer was an early leader in using AI to transform the travel industry and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.”

Hoteliers can also associate with smaller companies like Way Blazer, who offer specific AI solutions. Way Blazer can help hoteliers create a more seamless and comfortable experience for all guests. The adoption of chatbots will change the overall look of the hotel and ultimately the customer satisfaction will rise. To make your hotel space more customer-centric it is important to adopt these new technologies.


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